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    Default Re: Komatsu D20A-6 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by john25mm View Post
    Does anyone know if the hydraulic system on a D20a-5 is stackable i.e. can I add another hydraulic circuit to the system? I want to make a 3 point hitch to the back of my dozer and this would be the easiest way to do it. I want to be able use some of my 3 poin tools and make a ripper attachment also. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated


    Yes you can put a valve in series, I did just that to operate my log splitter, dump trailer and future ripper. I also plan on some sort of future TPH arrangement as well. See post 89 on page 9 of this thread.

    What you need to do is place a valve in series between the output of the pump and the input of the OEM control valve. One of the large steel lines will have to be removed from the valve that goes to the pump. It's a little hard to get to, but do-able. The seat, seat plate, and floor plate will need to be removed. You have to find a hydraulic shop that can make hoses with 30* JIS (Japanese industrial Standard not JIC) 22 mm dia x 1.5 mm thread pitch metric female (Japanese Komatsu) Metric thread fitting on one end and whatever fitting you need for the new valve on the other. Use at least 5/8" ID hose and a good at least 20 GPM rated valve and you wont have any problems.

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    Default Re: Komatsu D20A-6 ?

    MR. Guglio LS, I have a komatsu d20a-6 like yours, I need to replace the right steering clutch I torn it down and have the tracks jacked up off the ground. I've turned the right track to get the bolts out of the clutch. But, I can't turn the left track to get to the bolts on the bottom of the clutch. The other thing is how on earth do I get that monster out of there. I can't afford to pay a dozer repair man to do this please advise. many thanks,

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