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    Default lt 2000 not running properly

    i replaced the fuel solenoid because it was froze. tractor runs but only with choke half on. battery is crap and deck also spins even though it is disengaged. i have had similar problems with a john deere 185 and when i replaced the battery it straightened itself out. any ideas?? thanks

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    Default Re: lt 2000 not running properly

    If you have to run it with the choke on, most likely the carb needs cleaned. Probably dirt in one of the jets.

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    Default Re: lt 2000 not running properly

    Jeez, I just today have the same LT1000 w/B&S 21 hp was running great for a couple hours, then died and the only way to keep it going now is to pull the choke all the way out...push it in and it dies. I'm going into the carb....wish me luck! scott

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