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    Default air filter & fuel filter for Kohler Eng.??

    I just picked up a Craftsman lawnmower that has a Kholer engine in it. Under the hood it says the air filter is #20-083-2-S. Does anyone know where I can get this filter at a good price or even an aftermarket one? I have been looking on the internet so far and the prices seem very high.

    Also, the fuel filter says #25-050-22-S on the sticker under the hood, however the fuel filter on the engine is #25-050-21. Does anyone know which is the correct one for the 19HP Kohler Pro made for Craftsman engine?

    I was told that one is a 50 micron filter and the other is a 70 micron filter and the 70 micron filter one is to be used on the engine that has no fuel pump and is gravity fed to carb. That is gas tank higher than engine. I will have to go to the shed and see if there is a fuel pump on the engine.

    The previous owner may have made a improper install of the filter, but he passed away so I can not ask him.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: air filter & fuel filter for Kohler Eng.??

    I get them from Tractor Supply, Sears.
    Online at:
    Lawn Mower Parts

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