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    Default Craftsman 15hp lawn tractor - will not turn over

    I have a Craftsman 15hp lawn tractor (917.256544) that ran good up till a couple months ago. We had a clutch spring replaced, and after that the engine will not turn over.

    Our first thought was that the clutch safety switch was somehow damaged, so using the wiring diagram we bypassed the switch by connecting the two white wires at the plug. The engine is still not turning over. We also tested the seat safety switch and confirmed it is working properly (when pressed the black wire circuit is interrupted).

    All along, when the ignition is turned to the on position, we hear a single light pop near the area of the carburetor on the front left side of the engine. It is a different noise from the rat-at-at of a bad solenoid. There is an electrical component at the bottom of the carburetor, but it is not draw in the wiring schematic.

    We can get the engine to turn over by putting a screwdriver between the two main solenoid posts, but it won't fire.

    Any insights on what might be the problem?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Craftsman 15hp lawn tractor - will not turn over

    Check your PTO. It would behave as you describe if the PTO were engaged. With the IGN on, the engine should start absent any other problem; however, there is a path to ground from the magneto through the PTO switch.


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    Default Re: Craftsman 15hp lawn tractor - will not turn over

    Welcome. The light pop you say you hear when you turn on the switch is most likely the 12 volt fuel shutoff on your carb. It is supposed to do that. Also since it was working before you had the clutch spring replaced it sounds like they either took a wire loose, and didnt replace it, or knocked one loose and didnt realize it. Check the wires underneath such as wires on the deck, like your blade safety switch. zman

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    Default Re: Craftsman 15hp lawn tractor - will not turn over

    Most likely on of your safety switches Take a volt meter ans trace your current flow. Remember that excessive voltage drop across a switch will cause you same problem.

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