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    Default Burning my drive belt up

    Lets see how I can describe this to you. Engine starts with no problems, blades engage with no problems, but as soon as you release the brake/clutch the motor bogs down to the point of killing it and the drive belt is burning up at the crankshaft. It did make a clunk of a noise, so I'm thinkin somethin might've broke in the rear end. Shift linkage is all in tact and moves freely. Although the first time it happened it wouldn't come outta gear. I have a Craftsman lt1000, 20 hp, 42" cut, 6 spd. Maybe this happened to someone out there and it would be an easy fix (not).

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    Default Re: Burning my drive belt up

    check to make sure all the idler pulleys turn freely and also check to make sure the transmission pulley will turn freely when in neutral if one doesn't turn then that is the problem. if transmission then you have some major work to do.

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    Default Re: Burning my drive belt up

    Drive belt is mis-routed or is wrong length. Sounds like its all jambed up against a belt guide or post. Get a belt diagram and check it. One quick way to check is whether or not all the blades are turning the same and correct direction. If not, well then your lawn will not be winning any awards this year...

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    Default Re: Burning my drive belt up

    There's a belt guide sticker under the mower on the right side. Check all pullys for free movement too.

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    Default Re: Burning my drive belt up

    Make sure its not rubbing on the shifter.


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