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    Default Kohler CV22s-67515 wont stay running

    After sitting for the winter...

    I've flushed the fuel line and emptied the carb bowl. The engine will start with a bit of fuel splashed on the carb, but then dies out in few seconds.

    Confirmed the fuel pump is pumping by disconnecting from carb and starting.

    Confirmed the fuel works by taking that from the pump and using it in the carb for a starter.

    It appears to have a fuel cutoff, how can I test that? That part is expensive to just run out and buy.

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    Default Re: Kohler CV22s-67515 wont stay running

    Just remove the fuel shut off solenoid and inspect clean and test using 12 v. The plunger should pull back every time you apply 12 v.

    There are two red wires with diodes in them. These two merge into one red wire to the solenoid.

    You can get the schematic for your engine online

    Turn on the ign and test the wire to the solenoid. Should read 12 v.

    You should hear a click if working.

    Some people just remove the solenoid. It is there for engine backfiring problems. Theory is , cut the fuel, no backfire.

    Check the gas cap for venting. Use air and blow back through the fuel line to dislodge any sludge. Check for water.

    Check your oil for correct level. You may have fuel mixed in with the oil. If the level is high, then it is either fuel or water. Either way, drain and replenish the oil.

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    Default Re: Kohler CV22s-67515 wont stay running


    Thanks for the info, it got me over the "not sure"s. I found the fuel shut off solenoid non-functional. Disassemble and clean, now its running. Only a slight surging at middle throttle setting.

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