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    Default LT 2000 running rough

    I have been servicing a LT 2000 for a family friend and it this year it has been running a little rough. In order for it to run smoothly the choke has to be out a little. There aren't any visible adjustments on the carb. I haven't had time to delve into it very much, but I am planning on replacing the fuel filter and spark plugs as regular maintenance (they have not been replace for probably about two or three years) Has anyone else experienced this problem before? If so, what have you done to correct this problem. Engine is the 20 hp Briggs with the double barrel carb. Thanks, Charles.

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    Remove and clean carb, really well. those carbs are about impossible to get clean enough once something makes its way into some of those hidden passages.
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    Thanks Randy. I took the carb apart and cleaned it out with Brakleen. After putting it all back together, and attempting to start it up, it seemed as if it would keep running out of fuel. I am thinking that the diaphragm in the fuel pump is about shot. I am going to try and replace this and see what happens then. I am a bit concerned though because someone before me had tried to put the wrong size spark plugs in it and messed up the threads a little bit and the ends of the plugs were damaged almost as if something internally hit them and messed them up pretty well. This is a 19.5 hp v-twin Briggs.

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    Fuel pump runs off of vacuum pulses. check for leaks, split hose, leaky hose ends etc. There is often a sintered brass filter on the backside that can get caked with dirt that can also impair the fuel pump efficiently.

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