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    Default Transplant: from Kohler to Briggs

    Kohler suffered fatal internal damage, so I bought a good-running Briggs to replace it. Bolts right in but the wiring is confusing. Here are the particulars:

    Donor: Sears 917272352
    Briggs 15.5HP OHV 31C707 Type 0230E Code 030509ZE 31449

    Recipient: Sears 917256544
    Kohler Command CV15S 15HP OHV dead


    Briggs: Red and Orange - on back of engine
    Grey - to carb (changes to blue in chassis loom)
    Black - to ignition on top of engine

    Kohler: Red - carb
    Yellow - ?
    White - ?
    Black - ?

    In a chassis connector the Kohler changes to Blue, Orange, Red and Black.

    So I guessed and ran blue to blue, orange to orange, and tried connecting the other two. No starter, no joy. How should my wires be connected?
    Do I need to transplant the solenoid as well?

    Thanks, Tom

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    Default Re: Transplant: from Kohler to Briggs

    Have you figured out the wiring yet? You said " no starter" Did the engine crank, but not start? or it did
    not crank? Is there a starter solenoid on the tractor in question? Do you have a 12 volt test light. it will
    help in getting this right. if you connect something wrong you could damage some electronics.
    Thanks, George

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    Default Re: Transplant: from Kohler to Briggs

    PS: you said you ran orange to orange and blue to blue?? the kohler didn't have orange or blue wires? so what was actually connected?

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    Default Re: Transplant: from Kohler to Briggs

    I just had a 24 hp Kohler removed and a Briggs 30 hp put in. (It went in a Dixie Chopper) The idiots that installed it couldn't get the wiring right and after three attempts at getting it to start, they burned up the kill wire's diodes and both coils. It cost me around $100.00 to get the parts to repair it. I won't go into the rest of the story with these so called mechanics. I have since found out that the reason it will crank like crazy but not start is that there is a solenoid in the carb that stops fuel flow when the switch is in the off position. I guess it is to prevent dieseling. The solenoid is hot when the key is in on position, but when you turn the key to start, the power is removed from the solenoid killing fuel to the carb. The engine won't start until you throw gas at the carburetor.

    Hope this helps in your troubleshooting, it might be the same deal with yours.

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