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    Default cub cadet 1450 no spark

    i have a cub cadet 1450 kohler k321 with no spark. ran fine for a few days, mowed the grass with it twice, and then went to put it away... no spark. i found two wires coming off the regulator or coil (cant remember which) were connected by a plastic switch/connector was melted, i repaired that and still no spark. the points cover came off (does that need to be on to run?) other than that i have no clue. help please!!

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    Default Re: cub cadet 1450 no spark

    One small terminal on the ignition coil should have a constant 12 volts when the ignition key is on. The other small terminal will go from 12 volts to zero when the points open and close. When they are open both terminals should have 12 volts. When they are closed one terminal should have 12 volts and the other should have zero. If they both always have 12 volts you have a problem with the points or the wire. If neither have 12 volts you have to trace ot back to the ignition switch.

    Bob B.

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