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    Default 42 rzt pto major problems

    I have been having problems with the pto engaging and disengaging on its own while mowing. i have it all torn apart, both neurtral switches on the handels read over 7 volts then read zero when i push the button. both switches under the handles that engage the pto when going forward read around 11.57 when button is released and when pushed in connection reads zero compleatly open. I do not know how to check the park break switch lots of wires on this one. I see a relay but does not seem to have any wires from it going to the clutch. I can engage the pto and when pto actually engages wires at the pto show over 12 volts and then when i hear it disengage I have no voltage at the pto. I checked the pto switch it has over 12 volt lead and when i pull the whitch the blue wire going to the clutch i assume has over 12 volts when the clutch disengages still has over 12 volts on the blue wire. everything seems to be working. the only voltage drop seems to be at the clutch am i missing something. I ran a jumper wire on a toggle switch from the battery strait to the pto to ensure over 12 volts at all times to ensure pto was not bad worked like a charm was able to mow lawn. of course i do not want to do this or damage my pto can anyone think of a what this might be. Thanks

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    Default Re: 42 rzt pto major problems

    Whoa...Dude!! Way too many voltage readings here. Obviously I'm no Master Mechanic, but you should have either 12VDC or nothing. Anything less would indicated a weak battery or a short somewhere. I'd jumper the two lap bar switch connectors to take them out of the loop and jump the parking brake connector (for troubleshooting purposes only of course) and go from there. The seat switch should also be a normally closed FWIW.

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    Default Re: 42 rzt pto major problems

    Have a look at attached, see if this helps.

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    Default Re: 42 rzt pto major problems

    Usually dirty connection, bad switch or relay.. (relays most common..)

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    Default Re: 42 rzt pto major problems

    The PTO will engage when you go forward and disengage when you go backward. To correct that, jump the reverse switches on the lap bars.

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