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    Default Pulled the trigger today...

    on a new Z-Force 44. Visited a couple dealers, drove a couple different machines and settled on the Z-44. Should be picking it up around the 20th or so. Waiting on the mulching kit to come(it had to be ordered), probably go with the bagger come fall...for all the leaves.

    What a feeling....both the ZTR and the Z-force drove real smooth, but the Z-Force felt heavier duty, plus the fab deck looked awesome. I have been using a conventional garden tractor for the last 33 years or so, plus I now have arthritis in my one shoulder, so fighting the steering wheel wll be a thing of the past. I don't have a lot to mow (under 1 acre) but this will definitely make my job easier.

    This was my first experience driving a Zero Turn, and it doesn't seen like it will be hard to get used to at all. I'll just start out slow and try not to run over anything I shouldn't. I'll post again once I get it home and actually use it. I'm sure I'll have questions/comments for you nice folks.

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    Default Re: Pulled the trigger today...

    Congrats Daniel,

    You will enjoy the ZTR I am sure and you will be looking for more lawn to mow! Cub makes a good unit with the fabricated deck. Just do three point turns for a while as the lawn can take a beating on the corners if you go in fast and try to turn..

    I have a Cub 1811 tractor/mower for the last 20yrs and just upgraded to a Ferris IS2000 52" ZTR - what a difference in the time saved - cuts great too. I will keep the Cub for my fall cleanups with the Trac Vac and cutting the back/rough areas now.

    Have fun and enjoy your new ride!

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    Default Re: Pulled the trigger today...

    Good deal Dan. I enjoy my Z-Force 44. Dunno it you caught any of my write-ups on it. You'll get the hang of it quickly and learn which spots on your lawn require a certain maneuver to prevent wheel spin and torn up spots. How do you like the noise of that fab'd 44"? Holy loud Batman! You will burn through some gasoline until you get used to it. Mine seemed to get better on fuel once it hit 5-10hrs.

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