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    LT 1042

    Default LT 1042 Wont cut level

    Been having this issue for half the season now and wonder what changed. The mower is leaving a hump in the center of the cutting path of the right blade, almost like its not turning fast enough. I have in my troubleshooting,

    1.Checked tire pressure,
    2. Leveled deck using tape measure, ( its cutting level side to side)
    3. Swapped left and right blades around
    4. Bought brand new blades
    5. Changed both pulleys on top of spindles to make sure they are not wobbling
    6. Pulled the spindle out of its housing inspected bearings, had shop tell me there isnt anything wrong with bearings and both spindles are true
    7. Swapped spindles from one side of deck to another
    8. Made sure blades meet in middle of rotation and are level with each other
    9. Varied mowing speed from fast to a crawl
    10. Discharging clippings or mulching leaves same effect
    11. Engine speed is always on full during cutting

    View from back of tractor after a pass

    ___________________ ______----------______

    Humor me ^^^



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    Default Re: LT 1042 Wont cut level

    with good tire PSI and machine on level flat surface (like good paved driveway), might ck front to back deck leveling. Yer blades s/b 1/4 inch or so lower from front to back. Don't measure off the deck shell edge. see yer manual for step by step instructions/specs.

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