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    Default Re: LTX 1046 Smoking on Inclines & Died during use of PTO

    there's a simple diagram in yer owner's manual that will help you judge if you are exceeding allowable engine tilt - affecting lube and smoking.. also rollover safety. PTO shutting down now and then - yer butt's too light on the seat ( a prob a bunch of us would luv to have). Very few have had luck with the deck wash feature. Fuel tank is located below carb - requires fuel pump. Main fuse is up behind dash panel. Ain't no "engine design prob" with smoking that I've ever seen noted around here.
    When you took off yer deck last fall, it was most likely clean from being scoured by fallen dried leaves, etc. For now, get a source of compressed air, blow the machine off after each use. Stay away from the garden hose and power washer.
    Also, the LTX1046 is a price point entry level lawn tractor - not a heavy duty garden tractor. Expect you will soon be having tranny probs. Might be best for you and yer dealer to have a serious discussion about such before things really get ugly.

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    Default Re: LTX 1046 Smoking on Inclines & Died during use of PTO

    The dealer picked it up, fixed it and said it was a bundle of wires that was loose and covered under warranty. No cost except to transport as I have no way of doing that. Thank you about the known problem r/t to the crank case vent. Now that my son is around again on Saturdays, I will get him to take it over for that fix. Just between you and me I think the bundle might have been choice pickings for mice this winter as I know they got into the air filter as their was evidence there. I have given up on mowing anything that might have any incline or I mow it sideways. I can't believe that for 17+ years my John Deere 176 (?) did it all with no problems, ever. It was a bitch getting the mower deck off however. Thank you for your response.

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