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    Hello to all. First off, let me thank you guys for influencing my recent purchasing decision. A little background, a few months ago my wife and I purchased 3 acres to put a house on. At that time I decided to go old school with my riding mower purchase, and found a 49 cub w/ belly mower in good working order. After a few try's mowing the new property I convinced myself that, well, the older cubs aren't really made for hillside mowing. There were quite a few "clench" moments, if you know what I mean. So I started looking at something with a lower center of gravity, and being brand loyal started looking at cadets. As usual I did a little research, which is how I ended up here. Long story short, I found a local sale via Craigslist for a 2003 LT 2180 for under a grand. PO was moving to a smaller piece of property and did not need it. The tractor shows only 260 hrs. (265 now ) came equipped with AG tires, which work very well, and is extremely easy to use. In comparison to the 1000 series, this one seems a lot sturdier, and I've even moved a few large flat rocks around with a chain. So, as a new cadet owner, any advice on what to look for as far as faults go? I read quite a bit before I bought, and I know there are lemons out there, but this one seems lightly used and was pretty cheap, and so far I'm quite happy. My property was quite overgrown, so the first go round was slow, but I'm anxious to go again. As a side note, I mentioned to my wife and kids that I'd probably sell the '49 now, don't need her for mowing, etc..just about caused a mutiny. I had no idea they were so attached. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be back for advice.

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    Any good machine is going to need the same sort of TLC - consistent maintenance per the manual, inside storage, avoidance of power washer/garden hoses, underside/tranny/deck blown off with compressed air after each use, fluid levels checked each use.... old saw: take care of it; it'll take care of you. Enjoy.
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    Make sure the deck wheel height is set so that they are riding above your cutting height. This deck is not made to ride on the wheels and you will break the welds if you have them set too low. Keep the deck clean and dry to keep it from rusting, I also blow mine off after each use. Other than that they seem like good tractors, I love mine so far.

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