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    I have a 66 Cubcadet 122 that will start and run on a low idle but won't idle up when i push the throttle lever up. I have looked at all the linkage to see if it is moving correctly and it is moving correctly. I have also looked inside the carb to see if the butterfly is moving and it is. I have no idea what to try next or what is even wrong with it if anyone has a suggestion or knows what i can do to fix it please let me know thanks.

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    suspect that while the idle circuit is working your carb's load (hi-speed) circuit may be gummed up or stopped up with trash - necessitating carb removal/disassembly/cleaning/rebuild using a new rebuild kit (gaskets, etc) which you can get from a cub dealer. While you are in there and if the fuel lines are vintage OEM, also best to remove them, the fuel tank, fuel filter and replace/flush to get rid of any accumulated trash from the past 50 yrs.
    after carefully taking that carb apart, use a length of small dia brass wire and magnifying glass to probe every small orifice; then blow out with clean compressed air. To help you go to this link and d/l the serv manual - will give great carb detail and other stuff: Cub Cadet Collectors dot com • Downloads - 71, 102, 122 and 123 Service . Take plenty of before/after pixs with your digital camera to avoid getting messed up on re-hooking stuff back up.... good luck.

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    Thanks for the help but I just noticed that the piston is not moving at all so it looks like I need to take the motor apart and see what I broke

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    Piston not moving and will run on idle?

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    No it was just the starter generator spinning the motor over since there was no compression it spun over really easy and seemed to be running on a low idle but it wasn't.

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