Hate to start a new thread but the search of old threads didn't reveal much (thus I started with what I hope is a very pointed title).

So here we go...I have an old 1250 that was leaking bad and getting "goofy" in forward and reverse. Doing some reading and posting on a dedicated Cub site, I learned about gaskets and seals on these things and concluded that rebuilds are needed about every 30 years or so. So I split the tractor and pulled the hydro pump. I'll spare the ugly parts on that.

The pump took a lot of time to clean-up before I dared to pull it apart to get at the big pump gasket. The machine is 38 years old next month but never touched beyond normal maintenance so it is hard to figure out where the mess was coming from.

I failed to replace the front/rear and side seals on the pump before I put it back together (a lot of fun there BTW...like trying to dribble a football). I was ready to re-install it on the rear-end (with a new round gasket and O-ring on the L tube) and noticed the rear seal didn't look right. So before I went any further I decided it was stupid to refill it with hydro only to find that it will leak.

So my question is does anybody have any experience with the "seal" replacements? Front and rear are Cub #s 921-3032. Sides are IH 383534-R92 (tractor is below the SN where a different seal was used).

Once it's put back together with new gaskets and seals, I'll keep an eye on the hydro valves. They look to be in good shape but I can watch them from above with the shaft cover removed.

Thanks in advance