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    Default kohler k301 pto clutch

    I have a 1966 cub 122 that I took this kohler k301 out of to replace the piston and connecting rod but I need to pull the crankshaft out to have it looked at and can't because the pto on the front of the motor connected to the end of the crankshaft and will not come off. I have tried all kinds of stuff to get it off. I can't put a puller on it because of the push button at the end of the pto. If anyone has any ideas it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: kohler k301 pto clutch

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    Default Re: kohler k301 pto clutch

    Spray it Kroil.

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    Default Re: kohler k301 pto clutch

    Its been awhile since I have had one in the shop, used to have a 106, the pto clutch assy is held on by set screws that lock the clutch to the bearing. If I remember correctly they are accessed through holes in what would be the belt pulley behind the clutch. some off the clutches also have two set screws per hole, so you will need to remove the set screw, to make sure there isn't a second set screw still in the hole.

    If you look around the waving portion of the belt pulley, one of the waves will have a drilled hole in it. I don't remember if you have to turn the clutch to line up the set screws or not. Seems like there is more than one set of set screws, so you will have to look carefully.

    I hope this helps.
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    Default Re: kohler k301 pto clutch

    If you don't know about the double setscrew, pulling
    off the clutch will drive you crazy. Trying to remove
    it by force will usually bust something beyond repair.

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    Default Re: kohler k301 pto clutch

    PB Blaster (or equivalent; not WD-40), patience, heat, and brand new allen keys have given me success:

    1. remove everything in your way of accessing the front PTO
    2. manually clean the three set screw holes with a fine pick. Do not use lubricant if possible.
    3. test that brand new allen key gets a great positive lock on set screw.
    4. soak each hole for 24-48 hrs. with PB Blaster. (This might take a week as you cannot soak all three at once...)
    5. drain penetrant; position 1st hole at 12:00
    5. apply heat (small propane torch worked OK for me) to the bottom of the pulley groove, towards the back, inline with set screw hole
    6. put on work gloves, get positive lock with allen key, start coaxing set screw out. Add a little penetrant as you do this.

    If the above does not work; you probably will have to drill them out... :-( You'll need patience, high quality bits, slow speed, steady hand, and cutting fluid.

    There are 2 set screws per hole; the top one is usually dirty, but the bottom usually remains clean.

    If the allen key starts to wear/round, use another new one.

    That will get the PTO clutch off. Remaining are the clutch bearing and basket pulley. The latter are usually not as difficult to get off, but not painless either.

    Hope this helps,
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