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    Default Cub 2554 question....thanks for your advice

    New here.....I copied and pasted this from the buy/sell/advice forum, thanks for your help.

    Straight up cub 2554 opinion question....
    I have an opportunity to buy a brand new Cub 2554, (54" deck) for $3150 from a dealer, full factory warranty, less than 1 hr on it just driving around his lot. I have to decide by tomorrow, as he tells me he is sending it back to Cub after tomorrow for some discounted amount.

    It is 2-3 model years old. Deck has never cut any grass. He tells me that the current 2100 series is the replacement, and the main difference is the 2100 has power steering. Looks to me like a new 2100 is just over $4k, and then and the deck comes to about $5k.

    I have three questions:

    1. Good deal.....yes or no?
    2. Is power steering that much of a big deal?
    3. I now own a 1997 Cub 2165 with B&S Vanguard Twin 16, 46". Is the 2554 going to be "light years" nicer/better than my old Cub?

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Default Re: Cub 2554 question....thanks for your advice

    I had a 1998 Cub HDS2155 and upgraded to a GT2550 last year and in my opinion the quality has slipped over 15 years , still the same chassis , steering gear and some panels but overall it looks like a bit of cost cutting has taken place.
    Cannot help you with the pricing as I am in Australia but when we buy a ride on mower the deck is part of the deal not an optional extra (how can they sell it as a mower without a deck?)
    With regard to "light years" maybe but it definitely will be shinier
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    Default Re: Cub 2554 question....thanks for your advice

    In my opinion, power steering is an asset if you are using a snowblower in the winter. I bought a gtx 2154le with a 48" fabbed deck, 48" snow blower and weights and chains. cost me $6200. It had 80 hours on the meter but i have the full warranty with it. I am no expert, but this sounds like a good deal. Just keep the front tires pumped up, that will help with any steering issues.

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    Default Re: Cub 2554 question....thanks for your advice

    I take my GT2544 up, down, and across side hills with no steering issues at all, so you should be good to go.

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    Default Re: Cub 2554 question....thanks for your advice

    I have a 2544 I bought new in 4/2007. Paid $3500.00 for it. Before that I had an Ariens with power steering. I was concered about the Cub because I had just had a total right shoulder replacement, but the Cub steers effortlessly. Didn't miss the power steering at all.

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