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    Default '12 vs '13 Rzt differences?

    Reading through the "Ongoing..." thread seems the Rzt mowers have a pretty good following so that's reassuring. Anyways my old F525 deere 48" which has been a decent mower all the yrs my parents and now me have used it(over 700hrs), I think it's time for it to retire. Engine/tranny leaks oil, develop a wiring issue a couple yrs ago so now PTO is always hot and the deck has seen better days.
    So I stopped by a local cub dealer today who has leftover '12 and new '13. Having paid little attention in the past to pricing I was pleasantly surprised to see the price was about a 1000 lower than I expected.
    A '12 Rzt54kw can be had for 2895
    A '13 Rzt54kw can be had for 3199
    I'm mowing maybe just over an acre which with the 48" I could do it just about an hr. Flat,fairly smooth and wide open with just one trouble spot where in 12' strip I have a telephone pole and box along with 3 pine trees in a row.
    Looking over both yr brochures, there doesn't seem to be see much different between the 2 am I right? Do the prices seem fair?

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    Default Re: '12 vs '13 Rzt differences?

    i am a cub dealer, BUY the 012 cub put a cheaper tranny and smaller tires in the 013 and want the same or more dollars

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