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    Default Alternate blades for LT-1000 series

    I noticed a thread regarding deck belts jumping off the idler pulley. One comment mentioned the mulching function of the blades contributing to grass mat buildup above the blades. Are there any alternate blades that promote better ejection of cut grass from the right discharge duct and less mat buildup under the deck? My unit is a LT-1050. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Alternate blades for LT-1000 series

    buy yourself a set of bagging blades with extra high lift,have had quit a few probs with belt jumping of 50" decks try some belt guards on idler pulleys see if that helps

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    Default Re: Alternate blades for LT-1000 series

    op - in the springtime with high moisture content grass clippings, best bet is to scrape that deck underside a bit more often. PITA, yes, but will help.

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