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    Default Drive Belt is slipping.

    I am a new to the Forum. I searched for a answer without any luck.

    1. The v-belt (item 8 01008349) on my 53AA5B7P710 Z series that drive the wheels - not the mower blades - is loose. I can not find out how to reinstall it or to see if the tensor is bad. Do I need to remove the complete drive deck to get to these items?

    2. At the rear of the unit I discovered two rods (one on each side) I think they are called "pump rods". The rods are bent at right angles and looks like one can pull them out an there is a round locking ring to lock them pulled out. What are they for??? . .

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    Default Re: Drive Belt is slipping.

    1) prolly will need to remove deck for visibility/access. Check function of drive belt idler brkt/pulley/spring for proper drive belt tensioning.

    2) look on Pp 21 or 22 of yer owner's manual - should see pix describing same. they disengage hydros for freewheeling pushing. suggest becoming familiar with manual contents.

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