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    Default CC 3185 No start issue

    New battery (350cca).
    New crimp on ring connectors for battery terminals.
    New Ignition switch and keys.
    I checked, cleaned and tightened the battery ground on the block.
    I checked, cleaned and tightened some connections at the solenoid and starter.

    New battery reads @ 12.8v
    Old battery reads @ 12.3v

    It will not start by itself off either battery.

    I can hookup up my charger/booster and it will fire up no problems.

    Any ideas on where to go from here?

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    Default Re: CC 3185 No start issue

    can you try starting by jumpering right across the solenoid? May be a faulty internal contact in the solenoid itself. Also sandpaper mating battery contact faces to bright metal.

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    Default Re: CC 3185 No start issue

    If you have a set of jumper cables try hooking one from the battery negative post to the engine frame and the other from the positive to the starter terminal that the battery cable connects to. This will eliminate the cables as a cause. If it now starts you can try one at a time to pin it down.

    Bob B.

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