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    Default Cub RT65 tiller Honda or Cub engine ?

    New member today. Can't seem to find objective reviews rest of the net.

    I'm looking for information on the differences in the engines.
    Tractor Supply (TSC) only sells the Honda powered version around here.
    Cub dealer recommends Cub engine but will order a Honda if I want it.

    Lots of opinions in 3 days of searching the web. Very few facts.

    Anyone have an objective comparison?
    Cub dealer says Honda is GC not the better GX, so Cub engine is better
    (he only keeps the Cub engine powered tiller in stock).
    TSC sales has limited knowledge but MUCH better than Home Depot.

    one internet response was transmission problems make motor selection
    unimportant as you only get 3 1/2 years till the tranny falls apart.
    Others say MTD has solved the tranny problems with the 2013 model.

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    Default Re: Cub RT65 tiller Honda or Cub engine ?

    There is a couple places on TBN were I post about the RT65 if can find them, much practical, operation experience. But it's with the Honda engine not the Cub.

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    Default Re: Cub RT65 tiller Honda or Cub engine ?

    the 65 is a mtd tiller with a chain in the gear box,the lower numbered tillers are troy painted yellow with cast tranny and life warrenty on it,don't worry about the honda motor it is fine(just ask the dealer to tell you the diff between the 2 and you decide,your cub dealer should be able to get you a troy if you want,i now here in canada they are available to all cadet dealers (the dealer is telling you that because he has that model in stock)

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