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    Default CC LT 1050 - Hydrostatic transfer problem?

    My lt 1050 has almost 200 hours. After I mow for about 20 minutes, it gets slower and slower. It also has problems going up even small inclines (it can handle hills when cold but can barely climb after 20 min of use). Engine runs fine and cutting has no problems. It seems like a trans or drive belt problem (belt appears ok). It has a no maintence trans. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: CC LT 1050 - Hydrostatic transfer problem?

    Several thiings to look at - check ground drive belt and associated pulleys for no slack/slippage ... chk fan on top of driven tranny pulley for damage/missing blades... chk tranny exterior top for dirt/trash buildup - clean with compressed air/scraper (NO HOSE/POWER WASHER).

    As a last resort, pull tranny, turn upside down, drain oil thru air vent (catch/measure to know qty of repl oil). Let drain for several days. turn back right side up, slowly refill with fresh oil (see tranny mfgr recco) , reinstall in machine, run thru bleed procedure (see manual).

    Sharp hills and heavy pull loads will take out these light duty trannies...prolly time to trade up. JMHO

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    Default Re: CC LT 1050 - Hydrostatic transfer problem?

    Read the first couple pages of this thread:


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