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    Default PTO stopped working

    Was 95% done with mowing about 2 acres when the pto just shut off. mower is 5 years old and never had a problem before. I let it cool off for a day and it still doesn't work. Could it be the solenoid?? How would I check that?

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    Default Re: PTO stopped working

    would help if you posted back with full machine model # from ID plate so that we can know which type of PTO setup you have.... M/W, cuppla things to chk - If it's an elect PTO , there should be a short pigtail lead coming out of the PTO pulley assy that connects to the machine wiring harness close to the main frame. Make sure it is connected and has not been damaged. Visual chk with engine off.
    With engine on and running at 2/3 + RPM's, measure voltage across battery terminals with VOM - s/b > 12.8VDC... if not, either you have marginal/weak battery or problems in charging system output. An energized elect PTO need on the order of 4 amps to remain energized - a battery going bad or an alternator sys crapping out will do it in.

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    Default Re: PTO stopped working

    Have you checked the belts? I was mowing last week with my 2084 and the blades stopped. I got off and looked and the drive belt from the PTO to the deck had broken. I tried to get the Cub Dealer to warrant the belt but he refused. Told me I purchased the mower 1993 and he thought the belt had outlasted any warranty. Turn the ignition switch to on, DO NOT START THE MOWER. Activate the PTO switch, do you hear a click? Take a volt meter and check voltage on the wire going into PTO, do you have 12 or more volts? If so the PTO assembly is bad.

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