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    Default 3205 cub cadet question

    On my cub cadet, on rare occasions, the clutch pedal sometimes causes it to die. With the clutch pedal in normal operating position, it will sometimes cause it to die.

    By pusing in slightly on it, it will run fine. Normally, I can find a position where it will run and get past the problem.

    Does anyone know what to check for on this problem? Sounds like maybe a switch or something is being actuated.

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    Default Re: 3205 cub cadet question

    yep, could be a switch acting up or a pc of trash caught up just wrong... or possibly a chafed elect. wire someplace along the clutch linkage that get moved/grounded every so often when the clutch linkage is worked. Might be worth your time to drop the deck and slide up underneath with a good trouble light and a helper to work that clutch where you can see in detail what all's going on...?

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    Default Re: 3205 cub cadet question

    Thanks. I'll do just that.

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