Hey Guys,
It's been a long time since i've been on the forum. I work in sales selling Cub Cadets. Over the last couple years the S Series zero turns have out sold all other units in our store. The most popular unit seems to be the Cub Cadet ZF SZ48 Commercial unit with customers that have 1 acre to 5 acres. The steering wheel zero turn really shines when its put on very tricky steep hill situations. Luckily i have had very few complaints about the Steering wheel zero turns and sales continue to be strong.

Several customers had their machines now for over 400 hours. The part that seems to be failing at the 400 hour mark is the Hydro Drive belt. Engaging the drive belt at high rpms or letting the brake disengage quickly might make up for some premature belt failures. The mule drive (deck) belt seems to be holding up under heavy conditions except when the mower deck gets out of level. All my customers except a few love the cut and comment on the way it throws the grass out from the deck. Recently one customer commented that his grass is clumping and clogging although we can't understand why except maybe the fact he is going much faster than before and the grass is higher and wetter than normal.

Another thing i want to comment on is the snow blade for these machines. It looks chinsy and cheesey but it really worked well for snowfall amounts up to 7-8" inches. The 2013 model utilized the foot pedal to lift the plow. The 2014 model uses a hand lift for the plow. Snow clean up was easy with the zero turn steering wheel. Some people have posted youtube videos on this and i can vouch for these plows. I used this plow on large parking areas and worked well but i think would be better for smaller homeowner driveways.

The bagger this year has a nicer fit and finisher not to mention a 3 bag bagger for the 48" commercial.

The RZT S units upgraded with a mow in reverse switch and heavier hydro's. The RZT S 54 Fab deck is a nice money saver for 2 -3 acre homeowners with a big lot but on a tight budget.

If you are experiencing problems with the Zforce S res or com. i would like to hear about them to give an honest opinion of whats going on in the fields. Maybe my customers are just being nice and not telling about the issues they are having.

The few issues i discussed about the S series don't let that scare you from buying one. I really like this unit and wanted to share some honest thoughts.

Well, thats the report on these machines behind the sales desk, hope you like the info.