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    I need some assistance with my LTX1050. While mowing the other day, I noticed the PTO kept cutting out. After some investigation, I noticed the PTO had been knocked off the holding bracket, and had rotated with the deck belt causing it fray and snap the wires (in 2 places) from the switch. I have repaired the snapped inline wires, but the wires are almost completed stripped from the PTO housing, and there really is not enough to make a solid connection. So, am I stuck buying a new PTO at this point? Is there anyway to add a post or wire to finish the connection.


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    wires snapped in two places from what switch? Are you talking the connector near the PTO? Some pix would be helpful. Anyway, if there is enough undamaged wire left sticking out from the pto hsg, then a competent electrician s/b able to splice wiring back in that will work - if there was no internal damage done to the pto windings. Also, you need to specifically determine what allowed the stator portion of the pto to break loose and spin to begin with... you don't want that happening again with either this repaired pto or the new $$$$$ one.

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