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    Default Cub 2135 reverse PTO shut-off disable

    Hello fellow Cub afficianados,
    I have a Cub 2135.
    I would like to disable the PTO shut-off that happens when you back up the tractor.
    Anyone have the easy way to do it?

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    Default Re: Cub 2135 reverse PTO shut-off disable

    i don't know if your is the same as mine but i tracked down the switch and just ran a jumper from one terminal to the other. it lets the switch thing it's going forwrd all the time. my switch is behind the dash. kind of a pain on mine because you have to remove the gas tank. I think i just traced the wire from the shift lever to the deck switch and jumped it.

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    Default Re: Cub 2135 reverse PTO shut-off disable

    Not sure on your model but on most models the switch is activated by a piece of metal that makes contact with the reverse petal. All that is needed to be done is bend the piece of metal back so it doesn't come into contact with the reverse petal shaft. Start looking for the switch just inside the tractor frame it will be along the reverse petal shaft.

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    Default Re: Cub 2135 reverse PTO shut-off disable

    HI!It is a grey button type switch located behind the steering on the left hand side,or go under the tractor on left hand side where the foot rest is. just pull the plug and connect the wires together to close!

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