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    Default Cub Cadet 2160

    A friend has recently purchased a mid 90's 2160 with the "auto gear" transmission.

    He paid around 1200 for a tractor that has approximately 300 hrs on it. Since purchasing the PTO has gone out and now reverse has gone out of the AGS transaxle.

    A couple questions for this highly esteemed audience:

    1. Does 1200 seem about right for this tractor assuming average or better condition? From some searching at tractorhouse, this didn't seem like a bad deal (maybe that's why he's having so many problems).
    2. Given the couple problems he's had within a pretty short period of time he's starting to question his purchase. What is the collective thought on these 2160 with the AGS? Are they good dependable tractors or would he be better off w/ a HST? The Briggs vanguard in this tractor seems to be a well respected engine.
    3. He's having trouble finding anyone to repair the transmission (no one wants to touch it) and I see there are several threads of people who have either repaired or replaced these transmissions on this site. I've tracked down a couple refurbished or used transmissions that may work for him, but he wants to get some level of comfort he will have a good tractor if the current issues are addressed.

    All thoughts/comments welcome.

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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 2160

    I have one, and my experience has been mixed...
    I bought mine with 350 hours and a burnt out clutch for 750.00...

    It's been reliable in terms of starting, but I need to rebuild the clutch again.
    I believe the wife has been feathering it when she slows down around the bends in the lawn, and I believe the snow blower attachment is rough on them...

    The one thing I can tell you is that there appears to be seperate clutch plates and friction discs for forward and reverse. That might mean that your problems with no reverse is limited to a clutch rebuild and not the entire transmission.

    I'll be honest, I haven't been thrilled. You never really hear about people complaining about their hydrostatics, and these autogear transmissions seem to be prone to clutch problems...

    I will say that I think its a bassackwards design, and it's so counterintuitive to any hydrostatic or gas pedal design that everyone is familiar with that its no wonder people burn out clutches.

    Just my two cents...
    See if somebody would be willing to rebuild the clutch.
    The blow-out diagram is available on the parts websites, and the friction discs and clutch plates run about 75.00...


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