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    Default Clutch Removal SLT 1554 Cub Cadet

    I am going to remove the transmission drive belt on my Cab Cadet. Does someone know a good way to keep the engine from turning so I can remove the clutch bolt?

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    Default Re: Clutch Removal SLT 1554 Cub Cadet

    I have removed my clutch twice and both times it was a relatively simple process (if you have the right tools). Before you remove the clutch, be sure to unplug the clutch from the wiring harness, this is located on the right side of hte tractor by the starter. If you don't, when you take the clutch bolt out the clutch will fall off and hang by the wires. This can cause the ires to pull loose from the clutch causing you an even bigger problem. I use a pnuematic ratchet to get the clutch bolt off. It is very difficult to get it loose with a common socket and ratchet. The bolt is tight and requires a lot of "instant torque" to break it loose. I hope this helps you some!
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