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    Default 2550 Stuck Oil Dipstick

    I find the dipstick is difficult to remove to check the oil and impossible for my 79 year mother.

    Seems like the o-ring is too big and the dipstick sticks when trying to remove and is hard to get back on as the o-ring wont stay in place - it wants to fold over. I have tried a little grease with no luck.


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    Default Re: 2550 Stuck Oil Dipstick

    I have found the same situation on the dipstick for my 2550. Unfortunately I don't have an answer as to why its like this or how to reduce the force necessary to remove the dipstick. Just thought you'd be interested to know it is not just your 2550.

    In my case, it doesn't cause me much trouble, but I can see how it could be a real problem for your 79 yr old mother.

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    Default Re: 2550 Stuck Oil Dipstick

    My 2542 gives me the same problem. It goes against everything I know about checking oil but I've found that if I warm the engine up for a minute or two, the dipstick comes out much more easily. Fortunately, my 2542 doesn't use oil so I'm comfortable with this sacrilege (not checking the oil before starting the engine). I have to use a rubber mallet to seat the dipstick. On one hand, the seal is so good that the engine should never see dirt from the dipstick tube, but with my bad shoulders I've found this method to be much less painful. Of course this method should only be used if you have enough time on the machine to know for sure how much oil, if any, it uses.
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