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    Default 7530 price

    I found a Cub Cadet 7530 with loader, ag tires, rear finish mower, under 125 hours for $9500.
    Is this a good price? any experience with this tractor?


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    Default Re: 7530 price

    Mark, I think overall most of the Mitsubishi made Cubs were pretty good. Mine is an older model, 23HP Diesel, non-turbo, that I've have had since new. That is a different series of engine but I don't remember reading anything negative about that or it's slightly bigger brother, the 32HP HST model. The price looks very reasonable if it hasn't been abused. You could also look for posts on the Mahindra, they have been selling the Mit. made tractor in 30 and 32HP as well but I think the 30HP model has been phased out. A filter change can get pricey but if you are a homeowner you don't have to do them that frequently. Let us know what you decide. I think with a FEL it would have been probably $16 - 17500 or so new, + the finish mower.

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    Default Re: 7530 price


    I've got a 7532 which is about as close as you can get, with a fel and backhoe. It's got surprising power for it's size and can definitely do some work. I'm a hydro guy (got 3 of 'em) but drove a 7530 around and was surprised how easy the shuttle shift was. You didn't mention a year, but Cub made them for 4 years, (04-07) and average trade-in value for a 2004 w/fel is approx 8K.
    Let me know if you don't get it, I've got a new complete backhoe sitting in storage that I could bolt on to it!


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