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    Default GT 2554 Overheating

    Have a late model 2007 that constantly is clogging up with lawn debris at the cooling intake screen on the crank and debris clogging the cylinder heads. Grass clippings and leaf debris are coming out of every opening in the cooling ducts in the though a bird is nesting in the engine!!! If I didnt have an air compressor to blow out the debris after every mowing session I swear this thing would be severly overheating and possibly seizeing up.

    I emailed Cub Cadet and told them of what I think of their ill design and placement of the cooling system. Seems there should have been a duct to the top of the hood for cooling or some kind of better screening of the debris.
    They told me and I quote:"Contrary to your opinion regarding the design of the GT2554, the engine application was certified by Kohler and the problem you have experienced is not a common occurrance. There are no current plans to alter the design of the 2500 series tractors."

    I have worked on small engines most of my adult life even working in a small engine repair shop years ago and have never seen anything like this before. At this rate I dont think this engine is going to last long especially with all the other heat issues with the exhaust heat sheild. My dealer has not been much help either. He says its also not an issue. What to do?

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    Default Re: GT 2554 Overheating

    Yeah, the 2006+ 2K series have kind of an open hood design to the flywheel end of the engine that definitely doesn't help. My 2005 is pretty well sealed all around the engine with screens to the kick panel and both sides. I've never seen a horizontal shaft engine NOT catch a lot of debris on the flywheel end. The flywheel screen on my families old 10hp Kohler K-series JD 110 stuck out the side. Luckily it had a fairly fine mesh screen that would hold the junk, most of which would fall off on s/d. All of your vertical shaft engines suck air in from the top, as far away from the debris as you can get. As much as I love my CC, I wouldn't buy a new 2K series with the hood design they currently have. Maybe you can wrap some type of window screening around the openings to the flywheel end of the engine?

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    Default Re: GT 2554 Overheating

    I had similar issues with my GT2542. I ended up removing the plastic vent cover on top of the hood and put screen door mesh over it to keep out debris. I also dropped the front of my deck down a little because it was completely level and I believe that was allowing more grass to fly up into the engine area (this is probably not an issue with the bigger deck??) Good luck

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