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    Default Re: Rubber ISO mounts VS Steel ISO Mounts

    ISO Mount Fixs

    There are other detailed posts on the common repair issues at this link.

    I think the cradle modification has been around at least 10-15 years. I welded one to my 1250 in 1999. Haven't even looked at the mounts on it since.

    There have been some experiments with using nonfactory ISO mounts, but I suspect most folks either use the factory mounts or the steel mounts. I think the stock mounts are something like $16 per set and four sets are needed.

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    Default Re: Rubber ISO mounts VS Steel ISO Mounts


    Thanks for the link.

    I am thinking of going steel, and buying thin heavy duty rubber washers and sandwiching them between the steel. That way, I get the rigidity of the steel, and less vibration with the rubber. And do the rail modification on top of that.

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    Default Re: Rubber ISO mounts VS Steel ISO Mounts

    Quote Originally Posted by gdechatham View Post

    But, Bob had his rubber mounts working good for 26 years with the original rail setup without the bracing. So, with bracing, it has to last a little longer. (I don't keep a tractor longer than 10 years, usually.)
    MY mounts didn't really last 26 years - I had the tractor for 26 years. Apparently I threw away the old maintenance log from the 1450 (wish I hadn't), so I'm not exactly sure when I replaced the rails but I'm guessing around 2000. At that point all four engine mounting bolts had fallen out and the vibration had ground down both sides of the aluminum oil pan. I only discovered the problem because of the lack of mower belt tension due to the engine dropping down. The bolts may have been missing for some time. I got rid of the tractor in 2004.

    Bob B.

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    Default Re: Rubber ISO mounts VS Steel ISO Mounts


    I looked at ISO mounts, and the original (newer) ones from Cub Cadet are $16.00 per corner. I would splurge the money, but I had gotten my Cub Cadet in trade for a laptop and a small MTD mower. (MTD mower cost me only $150, and the laptop, I got it in a trade for end tables and a coffee table that cost me a total of $50 dollars. So, in effect, I have paid $200 for the Cub Cadet in the end. Not bad.) Bearing that in mind, I wouldn't mind putting some money into the Cub Cadet, just not too much. (I owned several tractors, and am very aware of how they can nickel and dime one to death)

    I looked at the MOOG rubbers, and wasn't really impressed with them. So, I talked with Brian Miller and opted to get steel mounts.

    I will be buying thin heavy duty rubber washers and putting them under the steel mounts, as well as buying grade 8 bolts with nylon lock nuts. That should keep the mounts tightly in place. I will definitely keep you guys posted and let you guys know how it worked out.

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