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    Default 3200 forward and reverse pedal problem

    I hope someone out there can help me with this problem.
    I have a 1 year old 3200 tractor that has about 30 hours on it. The forward and reverse pedals do not seem to work as well as they used to when it was new. The problem was that when I pushed the forward pedal it would move slowly and when I pushed the reverse pedal it would sometimes move extremely slow or not at all. I would have to push it a couple of times to get it to move in reverse.
    I had the dealer pick it up to repair it in warranty. The dealer said he adjusted it as best he could. It now does move faster in forward and does move in reverse, but you have to push the pedals very hard to get any speed in forward and reverse. It is very uncomfortable to hold the pedal down that hard when mowing. The dealer said to use the cruise control to keep the speed, but I do a lot of turning when I mow and that is not practical.
    Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?
    I致e been a cub cadet owner for over 30 years and have had some experience repairing them. I much prefer the lever on the older tractors then the pedals.

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    Default Re: 3200 forward and reverse pedal problem

    Did the dealer replace the hydraulic dampener on the motion control linkage?? All it is s a tiny 'lift strut' like you'd see on rear hatch of a car. Basically it smooths/dampens the spring loaded action of the pedals to keep you planted in the seat more comfortably! Sounds to me like #1, your dealer is a possible boob, #2 the strut is bad.

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    Default Re: 3200 forward and reverse pedal problem

    No, I do not believe the dealer replaced any parts.
    Can you point me to the correct part in one of the 2 following attachments?
    I want to make sure the dealer understands when I send it back again for repair.

    3200 forward and reverse pedal problem-transmission-mount-png
    3200 forward and reverse pedal problem-break-control-png


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    Default Re: 3200 forward and reverse pedal problem

    This look slike a design problem to me. I adjusted my backward speed to a crawl to get a little more forward speed. I finally made a modification to the reverse pedal so I now get decent speed both ways. See my post 6-23-09.

    Bob B.

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