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    Default Cub Cadet 1572 Diesel

    As per my last posting, I bought the Cub 1572 diesel. The rag joints at the engine coupling were broken. Upon tearing it all apart, noticed that the engine coupling was bent and the bearing inside was worn out. Looks to me as though the end of the drive shaft that goes into the engine coupling is also worn down as though the rag joints broke and the guy kept running it and wore the end of the shaft (don't know for sure, perhaps it is supposed to be tapered at the end??). At any rate, when the drive shaft came loose from the engine, it sheared off the hydro fitting off the front of the deck lift cylinder. Long story short---took the hydro cylinder to the machine shop where they re-tapped and installed another fitting, straightened out the engine coupling and then attempted to put it all back together. Everything went fine right up until the point where I tried to put the driveshaft back into the engine coupling. It became very obvious that the "T" section of the driveshaft was going to shear off that cylinder fitting again as soon as I started the engine. Can't figure this out as the driveshaft is straight (no broken motor mounts or anything that would put the driveshaft at an odd angle) the lift cylinder is put in right as it will only go in one way. Is the driveshaft coupling supposed run so close to the lift hydro line and fitting?? I went on e-bay and checked out another super garden tractor lift cylinder, and the fitting on the front of the cylinder looks only millimeters shorter than the one they installed, which would mean that even when it is all stock, the engine coupling would only be missing this fitting by maybe a half inch at the most. That doesn't leave any room for driveshaft flex under torque. I'm missing something here. This has been kicking my *** for the last couple days and the "professionals" down at the local small engine/mower shop are ABSOLUTELY no help, neither are the people at the Case/International/Cub Cadet dealership. Pretty much their advice is to drop the tractor and a blank check off and they'll see if they can't fix it. I don't work that way. I need some help here from some real Cub Cadet lovers that know what they are talking about and have worked on and owned these super garden tractors. I know you're out there. Also need a line some used parts ie. driveshafts, lift cylinders etc. Thanks in advance guys!!!!

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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 1572 Diesel

    Getting ready to go on vacation for a couple weeks but if you haven't had any answers before I get back, I'll take some measurements of the clearance you are talking about.


    PS: $500 was still a good deal for you.
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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 1572 Diesel

    Go over on the website and post you issues there, there are some options to upgrade the drive shaft to what cub cadet used on later models and isnt as prone to wear and tear the diesels put the shaft thru. There are also parts dealers on that site that can help you procure the parts needed to get your cub up and running again. Mike
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