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    Default John Deere 318 Starting problem

    My friend down the street(94 yrs old) has a 318 which won't engage the starter properly. It seems to work better when fully charged, but also doesn't seem to charge correctly either. The local dealer sold him a replacement 'booster' relay which is suppose to provide more voltage to the starter, but didn't solve the problem. The local dealer told him that the starter had to have a full 12V to start, and therefore they added that relay, as they had that problem after they were manufactured. Someone also told him that he could adjust the charging system by the flywheel somehow?? Any suggestions? Thanks-Larry

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    Question Re: John Deere 318 Starting problem

    Just a thought- How are the Ground connections on this beast?? go through and check/clean these as what you're describing could be caused by this.. Does the starter just click?? The battery should be 12+V after a charge or the battery is suspect also.. If all is well in battery-ville then the solenoid or starter itself could be the suspect. The problem could be as simple as greasing the starter bendix.. Hopefully some of this helps..

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