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    Default Cub Cadet 3235 won't start

    Tractor has 300 hours on it. I parked it one night and a few nights later it would not start. Battery checks out fine, PTO is NOT engaged. The little relay in the battery compartment clicks when I turn the key but the starter is no getting any power. Any ideas???


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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 3235 won't start

    While it may be a bad connection somewhere, my first thoughts are saying starter relay.

    I've got about 200 hrs on my Cub and is about 5 yrs old. This season I've experienced problems I've associated with a failing starter solenoid. Can hear the selenoid actuate (click) but nothing from the starter. A few more attempts with the key and all is well again. Have not taken the time to inspect closer but all symptoms are indicating the contacts in the solenoid are not making good contact.

    To test out, try jumping across the battery terminals of the solenoid. If starter now works, you've pretty much isolated the problem.
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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 3235 won't start

    Cub Cadet has had the no start problem as well as other makers of lawn equipment. The problem is the lack of a true 12 volts reaching the starter solenoid to properly excite it to engage the starter. For a fix review all the information in this post.

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