I was going over the 4TNV88 engine in my LX4500 engine today when I noticed the "suction manifold intake" has "4TNV84" embossed into the casting. 4TNV84 being the engine that goes to the turbo'd LX490x, not the LX450x. I was wondering if there's any difference with the manifolds between the two engines? You'd think there would be if Yanmar went through the trouble to emboss the engine model # into it.

What engine model do you other Yanmar LX/EX owners have casted into the intake manifold? You can see the embossing on the top of the manifold just behind the secondary fuel filter (with the hood up, look from the rear of the cold side of the engine).

4tnv88/84 Intake Manifold Mismatch?-4tnv88_manifold-jpg