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    Default Cub Cadet 2166 pto switch ... HELP!!!

    I have a 2166 Cub Cadet that will not start, I have tested the battery and fuses, I have tested the ignition switch with a meter and it tests out fine. I have also bypassed the seat and break switch until I figure out whats causing my problem. I can connect a hot wire from the batter to the solenoid blue wire position and it will turn over great but will not start. I have also ran a hot and ground to the pto clutch itself and i hear it engage. Can anyone tell me where I can find a good wiring diagram for the switch 723-3233(925-3233 replacement). Or can anyone tell me if there is a way to bypass this switch just to see if I can get the motor to spin and then I will know what is causing the issue. Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 2166 pto switch ... HELP!!!

    You say it won't start but is it turning get over or is it doing nothing at all when you turn the key ?

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    Default Re: Cub Cadet 2166 pto switch ... HELP!!!

    Here is a web site that may help with a diagram. When you jumpered the starter and got it to turn over I assume you had the ignition switch turned on. This would indicate that the 12 volts is not getting through the switch to the ignition or possibly a fuel shutoff solenoid. You may need a multimeter and the diagram to find the culprit.


    Bob B.

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