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    Default pto shaft lenght

    I bought a 50 inch snowblowe rear mount to put on my sc2400. I measure the shaft length and it was 24 inche from tip of the PTO on the tractor to the bolt hole on the blower. I also need to leave 2 inches for play so the shaft has to be 22 inches expandable to 24 inches. Does anyone offer that size or do I need to have one made? The one that came on the blower was 28 inches long. I cut it and found out that the square tube inside the shaft is only about 3 inches so do I have to have a shaft made up?

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    Default Re: pto shaft lenght

    If you bought a complete shaft at a tractor place it would be pretty long probably around 50 inches. You could then cut it down yourself to the correct length.

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    Default Re: pto shaft lenght

    When you say the square tube inside the shaft is only about 3 inches long, are you saying that one of the pieces of the two piece shaft is only 3 inches long?

    Like NHSawyer said, you can get one from a tractor place and then just cut it down.

    Agri Supply has some around 30"
    Agri Supply - Search

    Tractor Supply also has some around 30"
    Popular Searches at Tractor Supply Co.

    If need be, I'm sure you could just get a new pto shaft for the end that's only 3 inches long as it matched the other piece to be able to slide together.

    Here is a good video from Everything Attachments on how to cut a PTO Shaft if you need any help.
    How to Measure and Cut a Tractor PTO Shaft - YouTube

    I'm sure you can go to Fleet Farm if there is one close to you being it looks like your from MN, I used to live in Walker, and they would have what you need. It just depends on what you want to do. I would look at getting one of the quick hitches from Harbor Freight as it will alleviate some of the cutting that needs to be done due to pushing the attachments out further away from the tractor. I have one for my Sc2400 and it works great. I use it for everything but my flail mower as I haven't made up anything to work with the flail mower and quick hitch yet.
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