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    Default Slight battery draw

    I've been noticing a slight decline in the battery power over the winter when I'm not using my 6284 every few days. In the summer, I never noticed it. If it sits more than a couple weeks the battery is pretty low. I now disconnect it when it's going to be unused for more than a week, but I noticed that when I reconnect it, there is an ever so slight <CLICK> when I reconnect it. Is there something that remains hot when all power is off?
    BTW, I've had a load test done on the battery--two places to be sure it was done property--and it tests OK. I believe it's the proper battery for the machine, as it fits the hardware correctly.

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    Default Re: Slight battery draw

    For about $10.00 you can purchase a manual battery disconnect switch. It goes between the battery terminal and the battery cable.
    Try battery stores or EBay (where I bought mine). All brass made in China.
    (Notice I said battery store and not auto parts.)

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    Default Re: Slight battery draw

    Electrical components, most likely the starter or alternator, can draw power when they're going bad.

    One trick you can do is disconnect the negative battery cable, then connect a 12V bulb between the cable and battery post, the light will be lit if there's a draw.

    Then go through the process of elimination to disconnect each component until the bulb goes out. Start first with the fuses, then the starter, alternator, etc. Once you find the culprit, replace it. Also check for bad wires while you're troubleshooting.

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