Just bought a 2008 5254 with 223 hours on it last week. Im coming over from a simplicity citation zero turn mower and was looking for a more versatile machine.
The seller said all the servicing was done on it but I never believe them. After going over it with a fine tooth comb, so far I've changed the pto hydraulic/ transmission fluid and both filters, the fuel filter, air filter pre cleaner and soon the air filter. Also I greased every point that this machine has.
Whoever was the previous owner was had the wrong radiator cap on it and damaged the filler neck. I disassembled and cleaned the carb because when I looked at it it was running a little rough, idling up and down. Now this thing is running great and love it. I mowed my lawn and the deck does a very nice job cutting the lawn. She's still idling up and down a little but I think a seafoam treatment should clear that up.

Here's my questions,
1. Anything I should know to look for on these machines that might give me problems?
2. Looking for a loader valve so I can eventually get a loader or plow for it to do small chores around the house. Anybody know where to find the kit?
3. What size brush hog is a comfortable size for this?
4. Anybody have a tiller? Love it? Hate it?
5. The throttle lowers the idle down by itself.. Any solutions?
6. Any ideas for an economical plow setup for the winter before I can afford the plow or front end loader? Was thinking of getting a used plow for a garden tractor and modifying it to raise and lower from the mower lifting point.. Or just getting a 3 point grader blade..

Thanks in advance, Rob

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My ney 5254-image-2838642206-jpg

My ney 5254-image-3190541663-jpg