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    Default Dozer Blade or Snow Blower? Hmmm...?

    I think my dealer quoted me $700 for a blade for my 2042 when I bought it. I passed back then as it wasn't snowing at the time. Winter is closing in and I'm thinking about how to get the snow off the driveway when it comes. Our drive is a circular drive with a short section of rocks to the street.

    Saturday, my wife and I were up at a farm supply dealer. They had a nice looking Husqvarna (sp?) snow blower for $599. I had to wonder if that might be better than buying a blade for my 2042.

    What are the pros and cons of a snow blower?

    - Snow Blower is cheaper, surprisingly
    - Snow Blower will throw the snow instead of having to push it
    - Don't have to buy weights and chains for Snow Blower

    - Snow Blower will take up valuable space in shed
    - Snow Blower will require maintenance
    - Can't sit on a Snow Blower (or drink coffee while running it!)
    - Can't use Snow Blower to move dirt in summer (without damage at least) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]
    - Snow Blower might throw rocks, or get damaged by them

    Anyone else face this dilemma and made a good decision? I'd like to hear what you think!

    - Rhoderman

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    Default Re: Dozer Blade or Snow Blower? Hmmm...?

    It all depends on your specific conditions. You can't push snow deeper than the blade, and you need LOTS of horizontal space to push snow into. If you get lots of snow and dont have tons of space to push it to, get a blower attachment, or a nice walk-behind. I do 80ft of sloped blacktop drive with my 6yr old yardman blower (OHV 7hp, 24"). It's very quick, efficient and maneuverable for me & I live in very snowy ski country. My next blower will probably be a simplicity or honda with a differential axle.

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    Default Re: Dozer Blade or Snow Blower? Hmmm...?

    Go with the blower. I've lived in heavy snow country (northern Maine) and have plowed with a 4x4 truck, farm tractor with blade, and tractor with bucket. Small tractors with blades do not have enough weight/power to handle much snow. I live in Indiana now, and even with the occasional 4 to 6 inches of snow, my walk behind blower is very quick and efficient.

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