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    Default Advice on purchasing a 1040?

    My FIL wants to buy me a new Cub Cadet 1040 to mow my 1.5 acre lot (with a new house being built on it). At first I was being stubborn and wanted to buy a ZTR for myself. But now my FIL wants to buy me the 1040 and wants to spend nothing more than the $1,500. He said he would also get me a Craftsman of equal value. My land is flat and I think I like the Cub Cadet vs. the Craftsman.

    I cannot be picky here since he is buying it for me. I have read through several of the posts. For my basic mowing needs, what advice would you guys give me about a free Cadet vs. Craftsman??

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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing a 1040?

    Dang! Does your wife have any single sisters?!?! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] I'd love a 1000 series as a gift! It's a great machine in that price range. Craftsmans are good too, I just hate hand controlled hydros. Kinda defeats the purpose IMO. If that 1040 is the base model with the "CVT" trans, I would not get it. I had the same belt and variator drive system on my yard machines (MTD) and it was absolutely horrible. I'd only go with a true hydro model.


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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing a 1040?

    The 1040 is the only 1000 series CC with the CVT, unfortunately.

    I would tell the FIL that you are grateful for the offer, and wonder if he would be alright will you paying the difference between his $1500, and the final cost of a 1045 ($1700 + tax, etc). Here's a list of some of the ways in which the 1045 is better than the 1040, in order of decreasing significance (in my opinion):

    1) hydrostatic transmission vs. CVT
    2) larger mowing deck: 46" vs. 42"
    3) high-back seat vs. medium-back seat
    4) larger fuel tank: 3.5 gal vs 3.0 gal

    Explain to him that you are going to be mowing a somewhat large lot for that size deck, and that the benefits of the 1045 would make the task easier and more enjoyable. Keep in mind that it will likely take you up to an hour (possibly more depending on obstacles, etc.) to mow that lawn with this size tractor. So comfort and ease of operation are things you shouldn't overlook.

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    Default Re: Advice on purchasing a 1040?

    If your FIL doesn't mind, then definitely kick in some extra money and get the 1045 or 1046. It looks like Home Depot is really pushing the 1045 and 1050 models. But if you can, buy from a Cub dealer as opposed to the big box stores. You'll get better service in the long run should you ever need to use the warranty.

    Craftsman has figured out what Cub and JD are doing with their entry level models and now Craftsman is trying to do the same thing, so their products are improving too. I don't know enough about the new Craftsman models to recommend a specific one yet, but from what I have heard, they are worth checking out too.

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