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    Default Problems with LT-1045 right after Delivery!

    Hello, I just purchased a new LT-1045 from the Home Depot and received it Tuesday. I've already found problems with it. I wrote the following letter to the "Ask a Question" section of, but I wanted to post it here for your comments, because I don't know if I need to wait for Cub Cadet's reply, call Cub Cadet, call a local service center or call the Home Depot. Please comment:

    I just had my new LT-1045 delivered to me from Home Depot on Tuesday (4/11/06). I have 3 issues with the tractor:

    1) The brake seems to be overtightened from the factory or assembly. When I drive the tractor, it makes a rubbing noise while moving. I verified that this is the brake because when I press the brake while moving, the same noise gets louder. I believe the brake needs adjusted.

    2) The drive belt tensioner appears to be not tight enough and is making a rattling noise while the engine is running. After researching this on the Internet, I found that there is a Service Bulletin number CC-497 which addresses this and states that I may need a new tensioner spring and washer installed. I am interested in having this service performed, as I understand it can also affect the ability of the tractor to go up inclines.

    3) I was told by the Home Depot sales person that I should not worry about the quality of assembly of these tractors because they are "PDI'd" by a Cub Cadet representative. But yet, when I received the tractor, the rear tires had 30PSI of air in them when the manual says that 10PSI should be used. I am concerned that my tires may be ruined because of this, and I am EVEN MORE concerned about what else was missed in the "PDI" process if they did not bother to check the tire pressure.

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    Default Re: Problems with LT-1045 right after Delivery!

    I'm not sure what "PDI" means. It definitely doesn't mean inflating the tires to specs. I wouldn't worry too much about the tires being damaged since 30 psi shouldn't hurt them. It would make for a hard ride, however.

    Bob B.

    I just figured it out - Pre-delivery Inspection. I guess I'm a little slow tonight.

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    Default Re: Problems with LT-1045 right after Delivery!

    I can tell you that PDI'd doesn't mean much. I bought my GT 2544 from a DEALER and the prep work was horrific.

    -Ridiculous tire presure.
    -Overtightened steering wheel center bolt deformed the plastic
    -Deck was so far off it would not even go into the highest position
    -Seat bolts so tight it wouldn't move in the adjustment track
    Shall I go on?
    Others will surely chime in on your 2 other issues. Hang in there.

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    Default Re: Problems with LT-1045 right after Delivery!

    Even though I am very happy with my 1554, I must admit it had some issues when I first got it home. Due to the Super closeout deal I got from Lowes, I had to purchase it from them. During my first cutting with the tractor, I noticed that the tractor seemed sluggish on some slight inclines in my yard. As it continued to climb, I started to smell the belts burning. I got off and looked up under the machine, and whomever set the mower up didn't even route the drive belt around one of the drive pullies! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] Belt was rubbing on the frame rail and basically destroying itself. Needless to say I replaced the belt and insured the proper routing of all the belts. I think that was my clue to read all the documentation that came with the tractor in its entirety!

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    Default Re: Problems with LT-1045 right after Delivery!

    Hang in there! I too was a victim of bad setup. Lowe's told me that they had a Cub specialist on staff do the setups on their machines. On first mowing the seat bolts sheared off flush with the body. Instead of having to drill and tap right above the gas tank they swapped the mower (after a 3 week wait for service). Apparently they used wrong bolts or torqued them too much. Since then I have had low power especially on mild slopes and cannot pull an aerator (documented in other threads). It has taken 2 different warranty repair shops to finally find someone competent. Yesterday the 2nd shop called me after having it for two weeks and said that the RPM's were set too low and that they adjusted this. The interesting part is that they stated that the dealer is supposed to make these adjustments before delivery and this had not been done by Lowe's. They also replaced drive belt, installed new throttle cable and replaced idler spring. Even though under 1 year onsite warranty they are charging me $90 for the RPM fix and drive belt and instructed me to demand that Lowe's pay me back for this. Hopefully I will get mower tomorrow and discover that all my issues are resolved (fingers crossed). Like me, it may take you some time to find the "right" service center but there are good ones that keep up with the bulletins and know the nuances of your machine.

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