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    Default LT 1045 with a V-Twin????

    Yesterday, I took delivery of my LT 1045 and it has a Kholer SV710 V-twin rated at 20hp. Before I rocked the boat to much, I stopped by Home Depot on the way home from work today to see if any of the other 1045's had V-twins; all of them had the SV600 single. So, I went to TSC(where I bought mine) and checked their stock and the one other 1045 they had also had a SV710.

    Did TSC get a freak shipment or has Cub Cadet switched the engine in the 1045 from the SV600 to the SV710?

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    Default Re: LT 1045 with a V-Twin????

    I was at my local Home depot last weekend and all there 1045's have the 20hp v-twin in them also.

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    Default Re: LT 1045 with a V-Twin????

    I saw this on Cub's dealer web-site this morning...

    "We are unable to keep up with the demand for the LT1045 so we have added the LT1045LE. The only change is the new model has a 20HP twin cylinder Kohler Courage engine...."

    Guess that is your don't have an LT1045 you have an LT1045LE!

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    Default Re: LT 1045 with a V-Twin????

    Thanks for the info. Did they say wether there was supose to be a price difference or not? Seems that the twin should cost more. But I am not complaining either way.

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    Default Re: LT 1045 with a V-Twin????

    And the really odd thing is I haven't seen a 1046 at Home Depot or TSC and it's only 3hp more. Home Depot only seems to offer the 1045 and 1050 and then a 1500 series, not sure exactly which model.

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    Default Re: LT 1045 with a V-Twin????

    New member here,,dumb qustion. I just called my local TSC about the V-twin on the Lt1045,,he thought I was loco. Is there a way to find out who got the Twins on the 1045 or where I might get my hands on one?

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