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    Default Another new ZF50 Owner

    Been reading this forum for the past few weeks to help me in my ZTR decisions, guess it's time I contribute.

    I bought an RZT 50" from Tractor Supply and kept it a week. It was ok, but I decided to upgrade to the Zforce.

    There is not a huge difference in the feel of the 2 machines, but I would say that the hydros are a bit quiter on the zf50, and they operate somewhat smoother. I also like the arm rests, bigger gas tank and heavier weight. On the downside, the RZT displays battery voltage when the key is first turned out, but the zf50 doesn't seem to.

    The engines seem about the same to me, although my new Kohler is surging a bit when it first starts up. Both the Kawi and the Kohler will sometimes let out a pop when you shut them down, my dealer said the fix is to shut them down at 3/4 throttle or full, not idle.

    I was surprised to find that my local dealer could beat the big boys on both machines. I paid $3800 for the ZF50.

    I have four acres, about 85% wooded and shaded, so this machine is more than I really needed, but it sure is fun.

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    Default Re: Another new ZF50 Owner

    Gotta love new power tools!!

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