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    Default HELP! Belt keeps popping 60" Cub Cadet

    Any ideas as to why the belt on my 60" mower deck keeps popping off? I think it may be a problem with the spring. The ends of the spring are pointed in the same direction.


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    Default Re: HELP! Belt keeps popping 60" Cub Cadet

    Most common reasons belts pop off:

    1. Worn belt or improper length belt- a belt stretched beyond its normal dimensions can become too long for the tensioning mechanism to keep enough tension on it.

    2. Worn tensioner components- most often idler pulley arm spring(s) that need replacing- look up part numbers here:

    3. Idler pullies or spindles that are binding- check for wobbly or worn spindle bearings or worn out pullies. If you can rock the blades up and down underneath, the spindles are shot. Idler arm pulley usually has a ball bearing in it, don't forget to check it along with spindles.

    4. Improper belt alignment- Many times on decks this is caused by a worn idler arm bushing causing the belt idler arm to wobble.

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    Default Re: HELP! Belt keeps popping 60" Cub Cadet

    If you can not visually see any misalignment problems, I have found in my experience that a belt that is worn and continues to come off is a belt problem. It seems the belt retains the "twist" in itself and will continue to come off. Try changing the belt. If the new one comes off, you now have a spare belt! You can then look for another problem.
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    Default Re: HELP! Belt keeps popping 60" Cub Cadet

    I had the belt pop off the right hand outboard spindle on my 2544 last night. Went to engage the deck and the engine stalled. Tried again and brought up the throttle higher and the engine didn't stall, but I immediately thought it sounded odd and saw a bunch of rubber dust blowing around on the deck.

    I shut it down ASAP and investigated. The belt had dropped out of the pulley grove and was riding on the spindle casting.

    I have no idea how that happened as the last time I shut it off it was just fine. I put the belt back on and it operated normally for the entire mowing session last night.

    The only thing I can think of is that the last time I used the mower and cleaned off the deck with compressed air, I blew a clot of grass into the pulley groove and that jumped the belt off the track.

    The belt is a little worse for wear, but it'll hold until I replace it.


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    Default Re: HELP! Belt keeps popping 60" Cub Cadet

    I have a 2004 5252 with a 60" belly mower. The belt slipped off and broke twice before I found out that Cub had a repair kit for it. It included an additional idler pulley and a couple shims etc.

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